About Rupohi College

Rupahi College, located along the Nagaon Laokhowa road at a distance of 14 kilometres from Nagaon at the centre of Assam, was established in 1981. The Socioeconomic disadvantaged and marginalised people of all communities mainly of linguistic and religious minority communities inhabiting the vast rural hinterland bordering the Laokhowa Wild Life Sanctuary and the mighty Brahmaputra in the North- West of Nagaon aspired to have a college of their own. A few leading citizens and social workers of the area zealously pursued this cherished aim of educating the disadvantaged rural youth and specially the girls and women folk of the area getting a feel of the beckon light of higher education. Their endeavors led to the establishment of the college on 10th August, 1981. It developed as a single faculty Arts college with ten departments of studies, bringing under its fold both the H.S. and degree courses. It was brought under Deficit Grant-in-aid system by the Government of Assam in 1996.
NAAC accredited C+ grade to the college. In its report it appreciated the college authority, Staff, Students, Alumni, Guardians and public of the locality in their role of developing the only institution of higher education in the area. Seeing the vast potentiality of the institution, it is wished by the NAAC team that the College will have a promising future provided if all wings connected to the college come together in true spirit and dedication for its development.

The key aims and objectives of Rupahi College are :-

  1. To provide ample opportunity of higher education to the Socio Economically disadvantaged and marginalised linguistic and religious communities inhabiting in its catchments area.
  2. To train the students in such a way that would open up employment and self employment prospects for them.
  3. To empower and ensure the vertical mobility of the marginalized girls and women folk of the catchments area with the beckon light of higher education.
  4. To create an ideal ambience for inculcation of scientific enquiry, democratic and true liberal and humanitarian ethos among the learners.
  5. To harness the rich dividends of indigenous knowledge base and technology and forge ahead with the latest scientific technologies for the greater interest of the masses living in the catchments area.
  6. To facilitate, continued academic progress and professional advancement in all spheres.
  7. To impart and imbibe positive values among the youths and to enhance and widen the better scope for the aspirants comprising both the poor students and employed school teachers.
  8. To train and shape the young minds to undertake scientific and thorough study of Socio-Economic trend and changes.
  9. To facilitate the effective running of the teaching-learning programmes.
  10. To cater individual needs of the learners for their all-round development.